Sun Bath

The cats and I had a Sun Bath Friday afternoon.  It was too beautiful to work.  Warm, blue sky, sunny, flowers blooming in the backyard, soft fragrant breezes, waving lovely colors gently.

The outdoor breezes called to me and I lay down on the patio. The cats seem to think that was a good idea and they all came to lie down on the patio with me. And then the sun washed us.

Sun Bath.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, tell me if you have, but if you let it, sunshine cleans out old cobwebs in your soul.  It gets into all the nooks and crannies deep inside, warms them with sunshine and scrubs out the old dust and grime.

The cats do this rolling around thing that only cats can do, perhaps you’ve seen it, rolling from one side to the other, stretching out their arms, lifting one arm in the air, lying spread-eagled for a moment, then rolling to the other side, lifting the other arm. Must be cobwebs under there.  That photo above is Munchkin luxuriating in the sun, getting his cleaned out.

I didn’t roll around so much, just lay there feeling the sun clean out the winter. Ten minutes and I was washed clean and smelling of sunshine.

A big stretch and I was done. Smiling, smelling good, all clean.

The cats winked at me as I went back inside. 

Wishing you a big dose of sunshine in your own life!  And a very happy Spring!



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