Painting 2022 with your palette of dreams

2021 was an amazing year. We discovered abilities we never knew we had.

Abilities born out of hardship, having much of life taken away from us, backing us into a corner, robbed of our plans.

We had to look around and see what we do have, what we can do.

The last two years have been about how to survive.  

And that’s what you did. You survived.  And you survived them well.  

Well done.

It took strength, grit, determination, intelligence, and a clever utilization of all the resources you could muster. You rose up and accomplished something you never dreamed you would have to accomplish.

It was painful, a years-long endurance contest, and yet you created goodness and found many reasons to smile.  You created them all. 

And now it is behind you.

Now we’re going to look ahead to 2022. The first week of January is when you’ll pick up your brush and paint the first brush stroke on your blank canvas.

How do you manifest a beautiful painting?

This week right now is for dreaming your 2022 into being.

2021 was all about What do I need to do to survive? 

2022 does not have to be more of 2021.  2022 can go way beyond a survival endurance contest.

2022 can be about dreams that come true. Don’t look to the world for permission. There is no “Dream-Come-True Licensing Entity” that’s ever been any good.

You are your own licensing entity. You are the one who gives yourself a license to dream and to paint those dreams into reality, to make them come true. 

Don’t limit your dreams by what other people dream.  Don’t limit your dreams by what you think is “possible”. Don’t limit your dreams by any concept that you have to “face reality”. You are the creator of reality. Always remember that and never let anyone take that away from you.

Right before the holidays, I helped someone negotiate a difficult $4 million deal.  I helped  another two give presentations that turned a difficult prospect around completely to close a $500 million deal. Now there was a celebration!  I also helped an executive inspire his team of 1,500 who were demoralized by too many reorganizations. Finally, I helped a mother repair her relationship with her daughter.  Beautiful tears of love and reunion.

I help people win.  

Far too many have losing as their default. They say things like, “Well, what can you do?  It always happens. Now I’m more reasonable in my expectations. Let’s see what 2022 brings…”

Losing is their default.  They lose before they even begin.

I work with people to make winning their default.

Winning has everything to do with what you believe. The second you believe you can, winning begins.  It’s the spark that ignites.

This week you are free to dream.  To believe. This is a beautiful week for reflection.

Create an abundance of dreams this week. The more dreams you have, the more inspired you will be.

Inspiration doesn’t come from other people, it comes from your own dreams.

Sit back, gaze out into the distance that no one but you can see, and dream.

What would make you deliriously happy for 2022? What would be absolutely “impossible” but totally fantastic? What about every area of your life, not just work? Let your dreams fly.

Forget “reality”. Imagine life as you want it, not as it is.  Lose yourself in day dreaming. Dream the impossible as long as it makes you supremely happy.

Dream it rich.  Dream it bold.  Dream it in color.

Dream and dream and dream. Imagine, imagine, and imagine.

Dream until you can’t stop smiling. 

Next week, you will pick up the brush and paint the first brushstroke on your canvas. All these dreams will create a magnificent palette with an enormous range of colors, richness for you to start painting a beautiful 2022, a year like no other, a year of being truly happy because you have dreams and you are painting them into reality on a canvas that’s as wide as you like.

Next year, I will get practical.

This week, I dream.

May 2022 be an amazing journey for you. Happy New Year.

With love,


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