Yes, they speak …

I’ve been posting on Facebook the things that Flowers have been saying to me.  Not surprisingly, I’ve had people ask if Flowers really speak to me.  Well, actually, now that you ask … yes, they do.

All living things talk to me. Of course, just like people, some are more interested in conversation than others. Some just have one thing to say and they’re done. Others have a LOT to say and they like what I want to talk about.  So a conversation ensues.

For example, the above photo is a wild Fuchsia (pronounced fyoo – shuh) bush growing in my yard. I invited it to grow there, but that’s another story, like a fairytale most would never believe.

When it was a little teeny tiny, small thing, it was so proud.  It was singular amongst the green, so very proud of finding its way there, of creating new growth, standing tall and, above all, standing out as itself.

It was so proud too of being a Fuchsia, of presenting to the world such a vibrant face of dazzling purples and pinks, a flower like no other.

We greeted each other like new friends, quite happy to meet. I was beside myself with delight to have such a beautiful being want to be with me. And she was elated to be recognized for who she is.

In Spanish, Fuchsia is called Pendientes de Reina, the Queen’s Earrings.  When I told her this, my Fuchsia laughed and said, she actually feels like the Queen herself.

Despite being in an environment that “technically” lacks the nutritious soil that Fuchsias need, my Fuchsia found instead tremendous spiritual nourishment because everyone, all the living beings in my garden and in my yard, were enchanted that the dazzling Fuchsia should join us. The powerful 75-food Pine Tree guarding over her especially enjoys her beautiful company, and she his many years and tall protection.

I’ve been marveling to see the Fuchsia growing stronger and bigger every year, truly spreading her wings.

We now have the beautiful friendship that only gets built over time and quantities of quality conversations. She cheerily greets me in the mornings as I go for my early runs, and warmly welcomes me back at the end of the day when I come home from work.  

My Fuchsia actually smiles.  She blooms whenever she wants to and often.

What my Fuchsia knows, that many don’t, is that when you really take a good look at it for yourself, you realize that you don’t have to live by “the rules”, you can make your own. Ones that make you happy. Pretty much all the living beings in my gardens and around my house think that way too.  It makes for a pretty happy household.

And don’t even get me started on the magnificent, brilliant trees, the bees, the butterflies and the deer.

All living beings communicate.  Communication is what living beings do.  Communication is life, and being alive means you can talk to the world around you and hear what all the other living beings have to say.  I do believe that this plus love is what makes the world go round.

May you be surrounded by beautiful life, flowers that talk to you, and rules of your own making.



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