Bonnie Paull


35 years ago I made a friend for life, a deep, close personal friendship that nourished my soul, helped me grow, gave me endless support.  Bonnie is a spirit like no other.  I’ve talked to her every week since we met.  She is one of the very few people I lean on.  She signed all her cards and emails to me YFGM for Your Fairy Godmother.  And she was.

She passed away last night.  Here are 10 things I learned from her:

  1. I never knew I wanted a Jewish mother, but they’re the best thing in the world
  2. When you talk to a really good friend, it is true that your joys are doubled and your sorrows cut in half
  3. A good man always has good manners
  4. A hummingbird has beauty, strength, transcendency and so should I
  5. Nothing is so bad you can’t start laughing about it
  6. Don’t ever sell myself short and don’t hang out with anyone who does
  7. Be true to myself and the rest will follow
  8. Helping others is an endless source of joy and friendship
  9. Telling someone who really understands cures everything
  10. Life has everything – love, loss, good friends, people who are pains in the neck, joy, sorrow, injustice, exhilaration, blow out wins – live big and experience all of it

There’s so much to say about Bonnie, but I’ve cried enough for one morning and I can’t write about her without weeping.  She has helped more people and has more friends than anyone I know and I know they feel the same way I do.

Truly hers was a life well lived.

To Bonnie – All my love!  Until we meet again.




5 thoughts on “Bonnie Paull

  1. Dear Ingrid, I am so sorry for your loss. Bonnie sounded like an amazing person. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time and always. VirtuL hugs, Sandy

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