The Cat in the Middle of the Road

It’s funny when you meet another soul on a journey of spiritual experience.  Quite a moment that is.

I spend a lot of time with people and I love it. On average I meet 40 or more new people a week and I enjoy the interchange with all of them.   By the same token, I enjoy solitude.

I like to run when it’s completely dark and experience the magnificence of night’s transformation into dawn, sunrise and then a glorious day.

No one is up when I am.  As I run, I float up into a spiritual serenity, bliss.  Reaching even exhilaration and rapture.  It’s ecstasy to see the beauty of this world uninterrupted. It’s a universe unto itself.  I don’t know if anyone else ever feels this way because no one ever talks about it. 

This morning was really special.  I came upon this cat.  I was running, the sound of quiet rhythmic thuds as my feet softly landed in the dark.  Owning the whole world.

This cat was sitting in the middle of the street and, in the solitude of pre-dawn night, he was owning it too.

I slowed down and approached, sensing whether or not he wanted me to come close, whether or not he wanted me to reach out and pet, and possibly massage behind his ear.

He examined me as I came closer. Found I was on the same wavelength. Invited me to come.

I gently pet while he walked back-and-forth, lightly rubbing against my legs.  He looked up from time to time, looking into my eyes searching for what was in my heart, my soul. What he found there was serenity and love, just as I found serene love in his eyes. He leaned into me.

It was quite a silent spiritual communion.

Alas, eventually I had to keep moving for when sunrise arrived, an agenda kicked in.

I gently said, “Goodbye” while rubbing the top of his head with one last pet. He looked up and slowly blinked both eyes, a cat’s special acknowledgement, a cat’s way of saying, “I see you.”  I gave a slow blink back and said, “I see you too. Have a good morning and hope to see you soon again.”  I took my leave.

As I ran along, filled with spiritual connection, I turned around and took this picture. There he sat, still looking at me.  Holding on to our connection.  Me too. We had a bond.  A profound moment.  Two souls who truly met.  A moment in time only he and I would ever share, would ever know.  And yet, we were both so much better for it.

I ran into his owner later and said, “I saw Winston this morning while I was running. We had a very nice time.”

She said, “You’ve got to be kidding! He doesn’t let anyone near him! He bites and hisses!  Don’t tell me he let you pet him!”

I said, “Oh yes!  For quite a while. It was quite nice.”

She looked at me like I was nuts.

I believe there’s a beautiful soul in each of us. We don’t always find or reach it in each other. Sometimes it takes a moment in the dark of spiritual serenity to find that wavelength that transcends all, reaches beyond all, and finds the soul in the other person.

It’s always there, but it’s not always visible to the eye. 

There’s a wavelength of the soul that sees.  That reaches.

We all have it.

May many find the beauty of your soul.



2 thoughts on “The Cat in the Middle of the Road

  1. This is so beautiful, Ingrid,

    What a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing it and the lovely photo, too. I’m so happy Winston found you. How lovely that you know his name and where he lives. I’m glad you’re neighbors and now he knows you’re there.




  2. Hello Ingrid,

    Thank you for this email and what a beautiful communication it is.

    It’s been a while since I’ver responded to you, but I have read all your emails and they are a very nice break from the usual traffic that comes by.

    This one really resonated with me and I have a firm reality on this.

    I work as a window cleaner so I go to many different homes. There are all sorts of pets that people have too.

    Quite a few times an animal has come to me, quite curiously, and allowed me to pet it and I talk to it. I use this time too try and pick up it’s intentions and answer these too.

    A number of times the owners are very very surprised at how their pet reacts to me as they say the pet will get angry and bark or run away in fear. I know what it is that allows me to do this and I love the chance to try out communication with them.

    It is a beautiful thing. Animals, I have found, are very intuitive to what is going on around them and know when something is out of the ordinary.

    ARC Ian



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