The incredible story of Ollie

This is Ollie.  Ollie and I have passed each other many times in the neighborhood while I’m out walking and he is too.  Ollie trembles in fear and growls at you if you come close.

A number of years ago his lovely owner told me she was sad about it, but Ollie had always been this way.

This week, as I was walking, and Ollie and I were about to pass yet again, I realized that I had accepted all this as inescapable reality.  

She had said it with so much conviction, and Ollie had growled so convincingly, that I had, without even thinking about it, accepted our distance as a way of life, the way things always had been and always would be with Ollie.

But, somehow, this week, this moment in time was different.

I was unexpectedly struck by something.  I looked at Ollie and his cuteness and suddenly I could feel what he was feeling.  In all its terrible force.

I thought, “Oh, God, Ollie!  I know what it feels like to be this afraid and it feels terrible.”  I was all at once filled with a powerful love for Ollie.

That impelled an immediate and dramatic reversal in my decision about “reality”.

I looked into Ollie‘s beautiful brown eyes and sent him a telepathic message:  I think you are so very cute.  You absolutely do not need to be afraid of me.  I am your friend. Only pure friendship here.  I would love to pet you.  It will feel really good.  Come on over and I will.

Ollie came right over to me. I reached down and started to pet the top of his head and behind his ears.  The fur on the top of his head is unbelievably soft.

Ollie loved it, especially being scratched behind his ears.  I sensed with my fingers all the places he like to be petted and we had several minutes of joyful communion.  We were both absolutely delighted.  

When I stopped to take his photo you can see the eagerness in his eyes to get back to it.

What you can’t see in this photo is how energetically and vigorously Ollie was wagging his little tail back and forth.  Once we started, neither one of us could get enough!   I was laughing and I swear Ollie was smiling.

I looked up and his owner was beaming at me. She was radiant.  She said, “In all of his 12 years, that has never happened.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier woman.

It made me think about how important it is for me to maintain an independent frame of mind. People are always telling me about “reality”. Sometimes I accept it without inspection. I did for years with Ollie.

This beautiful encounter with Ollie made me realize, yet again, that if reality isn’t the way I like it or the way I want it, I can do something about it.  Create a new reality.  Ollie created this new reality with me.

I also believe that people, animals, all living things, that we’re all capable of levels of communication that we haven’t even begun to explore.

People are so caught up in the traps and tangles of spoken communication, just trying to get themselves understood with words, that there’s very little exploration of the elegance of all the layers and carrier waves involved in carrying our thoughts to each other and from others to us.

It’s a fascinating field for exploration, much to be done.

I believe intention is telepathically transmitted. I can pick up someone’s intention in an email, a Facebook post, a look, the length of time it takes them to respond … There are so many signs and clues.  Thoughts and messages are carried in many ways.

I don’t think I’m special. I think I just pay attention and don’t invalidate my own perceptions.

I’m not alone.  If you haven’t seen this video of Anna Breytenbach, it’s worth a look:

I think we broadcast our intentions loud and clear.  And I think Ollie could hear me.  I made myself heard through his fear so he could clearly see a friend in me.   Ollie “heard” me.

It’s another kind of communicating.  It’s another kind of listening.  It creates a new kind of understanding.

I love understanding.

And I am ridiculously happy to have this new friendship with Ollie.  Isn’t it the most marvelous thing to make a new friend?

Wishing you great understandings, however they are created, and great friends, however they arrive into your life.



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