Surprise visitor

White pumpkin

My dear friend and co-worker, Crystal, surprised me one day.  I have a wine barrel planter on my patio that hadn’t had anything planted for a while.  I came home and discovered Crystal had come over on her way to the office and planted all kinds of wonderful things she knew I would like, like kale and purple collard.

When I told her how delighted I was, she told me she also included compost that would yield surprises because she had no idea what would grow from it.   Her chickens help create the compost with seeds they’ve eaten and Crystal never knows what will spring up.

After much anticipation, to my delight I now have a white pumpkin.  I’ve never seen one before and it seems rather magical to me.

Crystal and I have a friendship that is full of magic and magical surprises. This utterly surprising beautiful white pumpkin symbolizes that for me.

It rather seems like something straight out of a fairy tale.  Once upon a time, there was a magical white pumpkin …

May you experience the pleasure of a magical surprise in your life.





One thought on “Surprise visitor

  1. Oh you are so sweet to write this post about our friendship. I love you so much and love your little magical white pumpkin to show it! 🙂 We are great at creating magic together!!

    XOXO, Me 🙂

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