Invitation Accepted

Butterfly flower

I made a huge discovery this year, one that absolutely blows me away.

It started when a friend of mine, Diane, told me that birds planted her garden.  Her husband put seeds out for the birds and, as they came to eat, the birds sprinkled seeds all over the yard.  Diane let the beautiful flowers grow exactly where the seeds were planted by the birds.  I thought that was such a marvelous concept, letting the birds create the artistry of the flowers.

Then Diane told me about the incredible harmonies of nature, the magical inter-dependencies that create both survival and beauty.  Specifically, she talked about plants and butterflies.  She was especially happy because a flower her birds had planted attracts a certain kind of butterfly and that exact butterfly had found its way into her garden.  Remarkable that this butterfly found its way to that exact spot!  How did it know?

It was the first I ever heard that plants attract specific butterflies.  I was both surprised and in awe of the plants’ and the butterflies’ abilities to find each other.

I have a garden surrounding my patio and I’ve had butterflies there from time to time, but I never paid attention to why they came, assuming they were just passing through the neighborhood.  So, I did a little bit of research and planted a flower, verbena, that attracts butterflies, just to see what would happen.

This past weekend, as I was enjoying the sunshine on the patio, first there was one butterfly, then two, then three, then five all at once.  Then a steady stream throughout the afternoon.  I couldn’t believe it.

I was astounded by the idea that I had issued an invitation to butterflies, that my invitation had actually been received, understood, and accepted.  I was in awe, astonished I could invite butterflies to my garden and they would come.

So I went online, did more research, and planted 5 more types of flowers that attract butterflies.  And several that attract bees, including lavender.  I read that I should put out a bowl with shallow water for them as they need to hydrate during their quest, so there’s a little bowl for them too.

Their fluttering wings are impossibly magical.  That something so light and beautiful can fly through the air and land in my garden fills me with wonder and gratitude.  They fill my garden with magic.

What didn’t surprise me, though, is that the butterfly invitation itself would need to be beautiful to work.  The flowers I’ve planted are beautiful.  I can see it takes beauty to attract beauty.  Just as it takes a beautiful spirit to attract another beautiful spirit.

May you attract many.



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