Budding Spring

Inspire budding spring rose

I took this photo on an afternoon walk.  Spring infusing the air with spring fever, my co-worker and I left the office walls behind for a jaunt* around the neighborhood.

Bird song, blue sky, and the scent of spring.  We sauntered* smiling and enjoying, noticing and admiring.  Spring refreshing our spirits with every look.

I love the moment in time you see when you look at this rose bud.  Magnificent color and a promise of what is to be.  Certainty that what is to be, is beauty.

That moment in time when your heart skips a beat knowing something good is right about to happen.  That soft explosion of admiration right before it unfurls.

Life is full of these moments.  Not just with flowers, but in the course of living.

When people come to me for training and coaching, this is what I see.  Magnificent color and what is to be when their potential unfurls.  It’s why I love my work, why I’ve never thought of doing anything else for the last 35 years.  Helping potential unfurl is magnificence itself.

The word potential is very old, going back many civilizations, with roots even before Latin.  It has its origin in the word poti, a word from the people of Europe who lived in the 4th millennium BC.  Before any recorded history they created the word poti to mean powerful.

As the word crossed Europe with those of them who became the early settlers of Italy around 300 AD, it gradually turned into the early Latin word potis, which meant powerful, able, capable, possible, and then gradually turned into the Latin word potentialis where it first meant power, might, force.

 Potential is the power within.  You see it in the mighty rose bud, the power within.

Today potential means anything that may be possible.

And I believe anything is.

Spring is the beginning of everything.  Our own creativity, the power we each have within to create, creates all possibilities, even grandeur.

Wishing you a day, a week, a Spring of grand possibilities.  May you be powerful, may your potential unfurl with grand beauty and might.



* The word jaunt means to wander here and there for pleasure.

* A saunter is a leisurely stroll.

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