A whole world of wordless communication

Inspire wave

 Have you ever noticed there’s a tremendous amount of telepathic communication passing between us that goes on all the time?  I’m not talking about anything extraordinary, I actually think it’s pretty ordinary, everyday.  But we don’t talk about it much and not everyone’s tuned in, aware of it.

I’m talking about those flashes where, without any words being spoken, we know exactly how someone’s feeling or what they’re thinking.

It could be as simple as that surprised, “I’m really happy to see you” look that flashes on their face when you walk in the room and you just know how much you mean to them.

Telepathy is defined as “transference of thought by some means other than the normal sensory channels” (whatever “normal” means, my 6th sense feels perfectly “normal” to me).  It comes from the Greek – tele – “from afar” and pathos – “feeling”.   It’s being able to feel the other person from afar, without words.

Some invisible wave carries our wordless thoughts and feelings.

Today I’ve been really noticing it, noticing throughout my conversations how much telepathy happens.  It’s been seeming like 80% or better has nothing to do with the words, there’s a whole unspoken conversation going on, that’s the real conversation.

I went for a great hike with a neighbor this morning and when it was over and I looked in her eyes I could tell she didn’t want it to be over.   Nothing she said, I could just tell, so I hung out and talked with her some more and I could just tell she was happy I wasn’t going yet.  I sensed the exact right moment when it was okay to go, her eyes were bright and she was grinning when we said, “See you later.”

I talked to another neighbor and I could sense she was worried the party her teenagers had last night made too much noise.  Without her asking I reassured her it wasn’t too much at all and I could see she was flooded with relief.

When I got home I could tell my macho Norwegian Forest cat wanted me to pick him up, I have no idea how I knew, I just knew.  I picked him up and started dancing with him in the kitchen and he gave back a loud macho rumbling purring throughout the song.   I could sense when he had enough and wanted to get back down, I put him down and he looked up and gave me a cat grin.

I was talking to a friend and she somehow sensed what I was telling her was really important to me.  She put everything down and started paying double attention to what I was saying which made me feel so grateful.

A client texted me and I could read between the lines she needed to talk so I offered to meet in person with her and this normally reserved very professional high level executive texted back she loved me.

A client on the phone told me about a mid-year review he had with his VP boss.  He was recounting the details rather matter-of-factly, sounding almost bored, but I could just tell he had been deeply wounded by his boss’ comments and I said, “What a monster!”, the dam broke and my client gushed for 10 minutes how awful, demoralizing, deeply painful it was and how he didn’t even want to go back to work.  At the end of our conversation I could tell he felt restored, strong, ready to take on his beast of a boss, and I could also tell he’s going to come out on top of their next conversation, I could just tell he’s going to have his boss apologizing all over the place and I won’t be surprised whatsoever when he tells me all about it.  I could just tell.  Nothing to do with words.

I could tell something I said to one of my staff made her unhappy, I looked at her thinking, “What just made you unhappy?”  I didn’t ask it out loud but she looked at my face and totally got it and started telling me.

One of my clients gave an important presentation.  I knew what time it was scheduled and during that time I was keenly aware of how intensely I believed in her.  Afterword she texted me she was basking in the glow of hitting it out of the park, she texted, “Thank you for believing in me.  I could feel it like a wave as I was standing in front of 400 people about to start speaking.”

How MUCH passes between us without any words!   How many of our thoughts.  How many of our feelings.  Possibly all?   Sending and receiving.    Understanding without words, understanding beyond words.  It’s magical.  It’s beautiful.  It’s a whole world of wordless communication.  It profoundly moves me.

As much as I love words, and I do love them with passion great, all this that happens without words to me seems way more important, more real, more true than the communication we exchange with words.








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