Always touching

2 Dogs cropped

These 2 blew me away on my morning run today.  Their antics and affection for each other pulled me over like gravity.  The owner told me they love each other so much, they always have to be touching.

They’re not from the same litter, nor even the same parents.  They met about 8 months ago and have been inseparable.

Aren’t relationships like this just the best?  When you meet someone and it’s instant best friends?

It so makes me believe in chemistry.  The chemistry between living beings, whether we’re talking about dogs or people.  There’s always chemistry, isn’t there?  Whether it’s good chemistry or bad, there’s always chemistry between 2 living beings.

Isn’t it interesting that this chemistry is always instant?  It happens in a split second.

And, sometimes, we get very lucky.  When all you want to do is play, love and relax on a sun-dappled path, always touching.

May you meet many people in your life with whom you have immediate beautiful chemistry.





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