Unrestrained Joy for the Long Run

Magic Realized Front Cover

I was swept off my feet by this poet and this book.  There’s powerful magic in this poetry. I’m one of the most optimistic people I know, but even I see daily living can batter our spirits and drain some of the magic out of our lives.  This poetry replenished my soul.

“Replenish” means to fill up again, from the Latin re- again and plenus – complete, fullness.  It has the same root as the word “plenty” which means “abundance, profusion.”

This poetry inspired a powerful belief in myself and restore the beauty of the world around me.  It filled me with potent confidence that anything (and everything) is possible.

I read a little every day, just to restore magic and beauty into my life.  Here’s one poem I really like:

Joy for the Long Run

There is nothing more beautiful

Than the native divinity

Of a spirit alive in full,

Fulfilling his own destiny.

Able to have outrageous fun,

Living’s magical harmony.

Unrestrained joy for the long run.

Glimpse of what it is to be free.

love that feeling – unrestrained joy for the long run.

This is Louis Alan Swartz’ 2nd volume.  The first, Constructed of Magic, is wonderfully good also.  I love having magic in my life.

Just in case you do too, here’s a link for the magic:



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