I know people who are like this

I know people like this.

It’s not that they’re flashy or trying to attract attention. No, no, it’s nothing like that.

It’s that, I’ve never met anyone like you quality. It’s that feeling of, Really, someone like you is real?

It’s a, You are such a beautiful surprise.

It’s a, I’m so happy I met you, and to think I almost didn’t!

With flowers it’s a, I love looking at you. With people it’s a, Please stay a little longer.

I hope your life is people-filled with the artists of life who inspire thoughts and feelings just like that.



2 thoughts on “I know people who are like this

  1. That’s so, so beautiful, Ingrid! Your analogy here is wonderful, and I love the way in which you express it.

    And I love the clear, simple and direct style of your writing. It invariably communicates to me immediately, and in a warm and very constructive way. I always enjoy it.

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