When your friend’s a genius

I recently posted a picture on Facebook and got a lot of comments about how beautiful the colors are.  I’m especially fond of the picture that was behind me which was painted by Diane Woods.  I’ve posted it here.
Diane is my friend. She’s also a genius.  An artist.  We’ve been friends for over 30 years.
It was July 4th a number of years ago. I had driven up to her house in Napa, California’s beautiful wine country.  I had commissioned Diane to paint a special painting for me.
I have a very intense life and asked her to paint something that would nourish and rejuvenate my spirit.  This painting was the result.
It was July 4th that we picked out the colors together. This picture of Diane is how excited she got when we found the right colors.  

It captures her happy exuberance for her art.  An exuberance expressed in each of her works.

While you can most certainly enjoy the beauty bursting forth from this painting, it has many secrets that only a trusted friend would know and remember.

For example, the side of the frame contains the hint of a red dress because, as Diane told me, “You may want to go out later.”  And, if I did, she knew I would certainly want to wear this particular red dress.

You see, I fell in love with this dress which was on exhibit at the San Francisco art museum Diane and I were visiting and I tried to talk Diane into breaking into the museum with me at night to steal it.

Diane didn’t think that was such a good idea, so she surprised me by painting this special dress into my painting as her way of giving it to me.

But there’s only a hint of it in the left-hand corner, a hint of red. You have to look closely to see it and only I know that it’s the red dress that I wanted.

This painting has many clues to the inside of my heart.

Life is good when your friend’s a genius.



PS  Diane does a great amount of commission work and can paint an expression of the beauty in your own heart.  She’s also worth following on FaceBook if you like sudden bursts of joy.

2 thoughts on “When your friend’s a genius

  1. Dearest Ingrid, Thank you again for this marvelous celebration of our friendship and my genius! We just got the most wonderful comm. from DJ Bergmann, an old friend of Louis’ and mine. I’ve sent it to you. Soooo theta! Love you so much, Diane

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