Return of the sun

Inspire Sunrise 1

It’s 6:24 a.m., completely dark, the end of the longest night of the year.

It’s the last moments of winter solstice, one of my favorite holidays. I say holiday because I enjoy celebrating it.  I don’t do anything special, I simply find the experience fills me with elation.

It’s traditionally known as the shortest day and longest night, but it’s celebrated as the return of the sun because every day now going forward is going to be longer and longer.  I love the long days of summer, but I also love going into the depths of night and the miracle of coming out again.

I’m an early bird and am crazy about sunrise, the return of the sun each day brings. This morning, this Sunday, it’s raining.  I’m listening to enchanted rain on the roof and a fabulous radio show on KCSM (which you can stream and they also archive on their website if you want to listen any old time).  It’s called Breakfast, Dance and Barbecue.  DJ’ed by Clint Baker, whom I greatly enjoy.  Right now he’s playing a lot of Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton.  A rich and happy way to wake up on a Sunday.

It was completely dark as I started to write this.   And now, with each new moment, great magic is unfolding. The world is appearing.

So gradual, such infinitesimally small changes in light.  Yet each new moment a living work of art completely changing the landscape.  The sun is still far from the horizon but its light is already reaching me and dauntlessly changing my world.

Over the next hour the sun will return, the world around me will appear, will transform from invisible to visible, from shrouded in night to boldly glistening in the rain.

My day will begin.

May the rain in your life be enchanting and the sun make your world bright and bring you the beginnings of a brand new day.



3 thoughts on “Return of the sun

  1. This is lovely, Ingrid. I also love each solstice and every single bit of hard won knowledge regarding the workings of our solar system. All of those eons of wondering and fabricating possible explanations for the bits we could observe are now fading as we celebrate these moments with certainty. I really could jump up and down and blow on of those tooty things we used to get at birthday parties! Since I am such a night owl and celebrated in the wee hours way before dawn, I love that between us we get to cherish the entire day … and then we have Cecile celebrating her summer solstice down under. It is the most magical thing to be connected as we are and spanning our lovely planet on this magic journey back to spring, for us, and onto autumn for Cecile. We do have it all! Much Love, Diane


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