How to transform your life

Munchkinito assisting at computer

Life is transformed when you have a kitten in the house.  This particular one is extraordinarily adept at making every moment unforgettable.

He’s been here for a month now.  Nothing is ordinary to him or with him.

He follows me everywhere and investigates each thing I do.  If I’m reading, he climbs all over the book and gets in between the pages. If I’m working on my computer, he is all over the keyboard. When I’m eating, he practically climbs into the bowl. When I’m walking, he walks between my feet to make sure we don’t get separated.

Every moment is exciting to him. He greets each new activity with an astonishing burst of enthusiasm.

He’s always alert. Always on the lookout. Interested in everything. Curiously examining the littlest motion.

His spirit of play is inexhaustible. Everything is a game. Putting on my shoes, making the bed, turning the page of the newspaper (one of his favorites).  Just give him a paper towel and stand back. He will turn shredding it into an Olympic event.

He’s the easiest being in the world to make happy. He starts to purr when he sees me coming. Rub the top of his head, he closes his eyes in ecstasy.  Bury your face in his soft fur and the purr turns into a deep rumble. Invite him to sit on your lap, his sudden look of joy will flood your heart.

He’s an unwitting entertainer. I’m sure he has no particular desire to be funny, but his playful antics are laugh-out-loud comedy skits. A professional couldn’t get this many laughs. He goes upside down into pillows with his hind legs pedaling in the air, creates a one-man soccer game the length of the house with anything smaller than a tennis ball, gleefully attacks the broom … well, truth be told, he gleefully attacks anything that moves (and many unmoving things too).

Having a being this alive, this joyous, this engaged, this loving, this small, this soft, this fluffy, turns the ordinary into extraordinary.  He fills this little world full with laughter and love.

May your world too be filled with laughter and love.



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