Jazz hunting in the moment

I’m watching my cat, Jazz, hunt mice.

See if you can see him hiding in the ivy, the face of a beautiful orange Tabby.

So far we’ve spent 45 minutes with nothing happening.

He is very still, only moving his head, interested in everything.  Fully alert.

I am in awe of how he maintains such a high level of powerful interest simply in the present for so long.  He is noticing everything.  Absorbed fully.  Completely in the moment.

No past, no future, just a fascinating now.

It’s beautiful to watch him.

I find myself fully in the moment too, fascinated by everything around us, the ivy, the breeze in the leaves, the squirrel, the butterfly and bees, his beautifully alert eyes.

A glorious, incredible 45 minutes.  Feel completely refreshed.

Wishing you a beautiful experience of now.



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