Running after rain

This is one of my favorite words.

Luxuriate means reveling in that which lavishly produces a high degree of pleasure, comfort, satisfaction or contentment.

To revel (another great word) means to take GREAT pleasure or delight in.

Lavishly (and yet another great word) means in GREAT profusion, plenty, extreme abundance.

So, luxuriate means experiencing great pleasure in something that produces a profusion of enjoyment.

This satisfaction can be physical (like something absolutely delicious you eat that takes over your senses), emotional (like finding love or being with a fabulous friend), intellectual (like reading a great book with powerful ideas so well expressed, you swoon over the pages) and spiritual (like those incredible moments where you feel yourself transcend the human condition and experience a spiritual divinity or connection).

Whatever it is, it gives you supreme happiness, utter joy or perfect contentment.

Luxuriate means to really let yourself go, to fully experience with all your senses, no thinking, simply BEING and experiencing with everything you’ve got, total pleasure.

It’s WAY more than noticing or appreciating.  It’s luxuriating.  Reveling lavishly.

Although luxuriate is closely related to the word luxury and people often think of luxuries as sporting expensive price tags, the word luxury can quite simply mean indulgence in pleasure and it’s quite possible to luxuriate in unrestrained pleasures that cost nothing.

For example, I luxuriate in the smell of the trees and flowers after it rains, falling asleep to the pounding surf of the ocean, hiking in the redwoods, riding my bike to work, the fresh fruits and vegetables at my farmer’s market and talking to each of the farmers, sleeping with a cat on the top part of my head, homemade cabbage soup (I have the absolute best recipe), seeing the people I work with smile, kindness in someone’s eyes, the way someone who loves you looks at you, an airport greeting after a long absence, a cup of tea with someone who understands everything about you,  great art, the sound of birds in the morning, watching robins eat the red berries on my trees, reading a really good book, music, most every sunrise, most every sunset, the light right before the sun rises and right after it sets, stars, laughing, wild flowers in the spring, California poppies, seeing the hills turn green with winter rain (much of the year here they’re golden, but the second it rains, they’re a vibrant green), having friends over for dinner, writing and so much more.

Luxuriate originally meant to grow exuberantly.  Now it means to experience joy exuberantly.

Wishing you much in your life to luxuriate in!  And I would love to hear what that is for you!





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