The Painter and the Fairy

The Painter and the Fairy by Louis and Diane

My purpose in life is to enable others to express who they are to the world.  I believe communication is magic, that it can achieve a level of art and concentrated ecstasy.  My purpose in life is to enable others to achieve that in all areas of their lives.

Diane Woods has been my good friend for over 30 years.  It was an instant friendship. When I heard her laugh, I knew I wanted to hear that laugh often and forever.

She is also a gifted artist, my favorite.  Her paintings infuse me with powerful joy.

Louis Alan Swartz has published 2 volumes of magnificent poetry.  In  his upcoming 3rd volume, Louis beautifully captures my belief in the magic of communication and the joy of helping a friend express her artistry to the world.  A real gift to both of us.

May you paint the world gloriously too, all in your own way of course.



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