As it turns out …


Colette, the French writer, wrote:  “Sure you’ll do foolish things.  But do them with enthusiasm.”  I’m a big fan of this principle.

One of the people I work with, Janet, couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the photo above in last week’s blog.

It turns out her family owns a 100-acre olive ranch in central California.  And guess what?  Whatever that is in the photo, it’s not an olive!

I was shocked to find out!

It totally has the texture of an olive and in my mind it tastes the way a sweet olive would taste, not as sweet as a berry, but as sweet as an olive would be before you added salt.

Turns out I have a vivid imagination (no surprise).  I’m laughing about the exuberance with which I embraced this utterly unknown black whatever-it-is, and the exhilaration with which I experienced it.  I still love how it tastes.

If you have any idea what it is that I’ve been eating, please let me know as Janet had no idea.

I’ve taken some of their seeds and planted them, so I’m going to have a tree of whatever it is growing in my garden soon.

Wishing you many mystery surprises too!






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