Magic Moments

Temescal AlleyWe have a tradition at Effective Training Solutions (where I work) that when it’s your birthday, we will take an afternoon off and do whatever you want, no questions asked.

We recently celebrated Betsy’s birthday.  Spent a beautiful Spring afternoon wandering around Temescal Alley in Oakland.   This is a lovely back alley full of little shops owned by people who view what they do as ART.  Artists, not entrepreneurs.  Their work is handcrafted and exquisite.  So is their conversation.

Jewelry, leather vests, vintage store, fabulous herb shop, old fashioned barbershop, incredible ice cream and the most unique bookstore and bookstore owner I have ever encountered.

Betsy Anna Crystal PotteryLast month we went pottery painting in Berkeley for Crystal and Anna’s birthdays and created our own works of art.  So much fun to talk while painting.  Rather a zen state of blissful contentment.  Laughing, letting the conversation wander anywhere it wants to go, admiring each other’s art.

Feeling like kids.  Carefree.  Happy.

Sometimes we just go out for no reason.  Wandering, exploring.  We wandered a block from the office into Emeryville City Hall where they have a beautiful glass rainbow of colors in the lobby. Emeryville City Hall Sculpture with Ingrid Anna Betsy


I work with really happy people and these outings are joyous celebrations.  We really enjoy being with each other, hanging out, exploring, creating, playing, laughing, telling stories.

It almost doesn’t matter what we do.

I love when magical moments all run into each other to create a magical life.

May you work with people you love who lift up your heart and help connect you to the meaning of life.



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