Spring Fever

Run Spring Flowers

The word Spring came from Old English and originally meant the place where a stream rises from the ground.  Its meaning evolved into the idea of a source or origin in general.

Then the meaning of Spring evolved into the emergence of new growth, a time when plants and flowers rise up from the ground like magic.

The concept of Spring Fever emerged in 1843, although I’m positive humanity experienced spring fever every year before then, even in ancient times.  Spring Fever was defined as a surge of romantic feelings.

I’m very familiar with spring fever as I get a bad case of it every year.

It’s a sudden feeling of being caged and needing to be free.  A feeling of wanting to throw off heavy, drab-colored winter clothes for T-shirts in light, bright colors like blue, green and yellow.

It’s a feeling of, “If I’m not outside, I’m being tortured.”

Wanting to get on my bike and just ride.  Or perhaps put the top down on my convertible, turn the music up and drive with no particular destination in mind and no timeline for return.

Possibly driving down the California coast on Highway 1, all the way down to the Mexican Baja, then turning around and heading all the way up to Oregon, wind on my face the whole way.  Sleep under the stars and never go back inside.

I’d write more, but the day is gorgeous and I’m going outside.  Who knows what this spring fever will bring?

Wishing you many days of irresistible Spring!



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