Inspire perspicacious

Someone once called me perspicacious.  I didn’t know what it meant so I looked it up in the dictionary.  It quickly became one of my all-time favorite compliments.

Perspicacious means you have the penetrating ability to see through.  It came from the Latin perspicax which even 2000 years ago meant having the power to see through.

Perceptive is the ability to see.  Perspicacious is the ability to see through.  It’s way more ability than perceptive.   Intelligence is what you do with it.

We need a word like perspicacious.  Penetrating ability to see through.

I love this ability.  I love this word. It’s such an important word because it’s such an important ability.  Even the Romans 2000 years ago knew it was a power.

When someone is acting badly, it’s the power to see through that and see the good in them.

It’s the power to see through difficulty and fear, to see the worthwhileness of the effort.

It’s the power to see through the artful smile and see the heart of cold stone.

The power to see the beauty in the babushka grandmother.

The power to see their full meaning when someone is at a loss for words.

The power to see through all the justifications and find the real reason something went wrong.

The power to live on a planet where war is the norm and see beautiful humanity through all the cruelty.

I spend much of my life separating the true from the false.  I think most people do. I think most of us are looking for the truth, in everything.  Certainly in people and relationships.  I don’t think I could ever be too perspicacious.

Sometimes we’re the only one in the room who is perspicacious.  Everyone else is buying the false wisdom of the day.  We’re the ones speaking up with what we see.  Not easy to speak up, but it’s the perspicacious who make things go right when they’re wrong, the perspicacious who build new civilizations.

Perspicacity enables us to find the truth and keep our compass always pointed at true North.

May your perspicacious nature give you great joy and enable you to do great good.





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