George and Diane

Diane and George cropped

Two of my dearest friends are getting married on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day.  They found each other when they were 70 and have been happily together for 2 years.  Theirs is a story written in heaven.

I’ve been friends with Diane for over 30 years.  She’s an extremely gifted painter (  and one of the most young-at-heart people I’ve ever known.

The wonderful poet, Louis Alan Swartz, asked Diane to illustrate a special issue of his love poetry to be published for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago.  Diane sent him 5 paintings to choose for his book cover.  Louis selected one and asked her to send it to his publisher, George, whom Diane had never met.

Diane accidentally sent George all 5 paintings … and George fell in love with her.  He took one look at Diane’s paintings and knew all he needed to know, all that was important, about her.  He knew he loved her.

I still laugh about the next conversation I had with Diane.  She and George hadn’t talked yet and she was wondering why the publisher’s emails to her seemed so unusually … she struggled for the right word … so unusually warm for someone she didn’t know.

During these early emails with George, Diane discovered that she could fully be herself without any restraints, that it was wonderful to share her innermost ideas and beliefs with him, that he deeply understood her, that he was a man she admired.  Diane fell equally in love.

They carried on a gorgeous correspondence via email and then had their first phone call …. which led to their first (nervous and fabulous) meeting  in person … which led to blissfully accepting George’s heartfelt proposal of marriage and Diane’s moving to Austin, Texas to make a home with George where they share a deep love and make each other ridiculously happy.

A love of Louis’ poetry brought them together.  His next volume of poetry, Magic Realized, was illustrated by Diane and published by George, two rejoicing, exuberant 70-year old kids who, inspired by Louis’ poetry, found love and adore each other.

And on Valentine’s Day, they’re getting married.   It truly is magic realized.

Latest Purple Magic RealizedNeedless to say, the poetry book Magic Realized is a wonderful Valentine’s gift.  For yourself and for anyone you love.

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day and love that makes your eyes sparkle all the days of your life.




3 thoughts on “George and Diane

  1. I just saw your beautiful post, Ingrid. Thank you so much for celebrating us in this way. I declare that friendship with you and Louis, Connie, Suzanne, Anna, Crystal and all of our remarkable friends means the world to George and I. You bring such life and skill to all you do. We are so ridiculously happy to be friends with a girl like you.

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