The senior reason

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I wanted to pass along this beautiful New Year’s message I received from Louis Alan Swartz,  The poem is from his wonderful book “Constructed of Magic”.

“I feel this is worth mentioning.  Although I grant there are a few individuals who do ugly, evil and criminal things to their fellows, the overwhelming majority of mankind in all religions and nations have a spark of goodness, care, love and compassion for their brothers.

“As we start the new year I for one wanted to reaffirm the kindness that I firmly believe is truly inherent in mankind. I have enclosed a poem on the subject.

The Senior Reason

Above all, it is each act
Of kindness rendered.
Each living soul
Tempered and tendered
by the work of daily living.

There is a grace engendered
By acts of continual giving.
Here to assist ones fellow man
To be his finest himself
And to do the best he can.

In the end that’s what a life is worth.
This is the senior reason we were given birth.

May your days ahead be filled with grace.

Here’s a link to the Amazon site if you’d like to purchase this amazing book for yourself or as a gift for someone else who could use some magic:




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