Monday Joy

Inspire Sunrise over San Francisco Bay Cropped

I’m writing about today, but it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, I wake up in the morning and, once I clear the cobwebs from my head and figure out where I am, I experience pure joy.  I don’t know what it is about morning that makes me so happy.

Waking up makes me feel 10-years-old, I’m feeling like I have an infinity of day ahead.

It helps that I have three cats on the bed who start purring the moment they sense I’m awake.  They’re  so in tune, they know I’m awake before I even move or open my eyes. In the dark 3 different purrs rumbling help me remember where I am.

They all get breakfast, I do 100 stomach crunches and some other stretching exercises, then out into pre-sunrise dark for my morning run.  Total exhilaration.   The road is winding and hilly.  The emerging golden sun rising over San Francisco Bay greets me many times as I round the curves for new views.

I meet the usual dogs and neighbors. The dogs are ridiculously, exuberantly delighted to see me.  Man, wouldn’t it be fabulous if people greeted each other this way?  Jumping out of our skin overjoyed to see each other, even if we just saw each other yesterday?

Then home for a fabulous green smoothie and getting ready for work, including a quick email check to see what came in from overseas.  Always so happy to see something from London, Ireland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Australia or India in my inbox.

Life is so grand.  Each and every day is a miracle to me.  Each person that comes into my life brings something unexpected and unbelievably unique. I naturally attract people who are super intelligent, smart, positive, striving, creative, care about people.  They each have something no one else has, something extraordinary I will never, ever experience except talking to them.  My day is full of people like that.

I get in my car to drive down the hill to the office, a day full of promise, a feeling I can’t wait to see the people I work with, to create an amazing day.

Wishing you a fabulous Monday too, one that gives you as much joy as Saturdays do.




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