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This is one of my favorite words.  Inspire.

How amazing it feels when we’re inspired!  How animated, invigorated, energized, exhilarated and alive we are!  How bold we are when we’re inspired!  How unstoppable!

And how utterly joyous we are when we inspire someone else.  Perhaps this is even more mighty of an emotion than just feeling inspired ourselves.

To my mind,  inspire as a word, is very simply, lofty and grand.  One of the more noble words we have.

Inspire is a very old word.  It comes from Latin, having been originally made popular by the ancient Romans over 2,000 years ago.  Its persistence and wide spread around-the-world usage show it to be a word that stands the test of time, a continuously valuable word that crossed the ages, oceans and civilizations … and is still rich with meaning today.

It comes from the Latin word inspirare.   I love saying this Latin word, hearing it.  Try it yourself out loud – it sounds almost holy.  If you’d like to hear what it’s supposed to sound like, click on this link and then click on this icon Audio iconin the lower left corner.

The Latin inspirare was made up of 2 other Latin words:  in- meaning into and –spirare which means breathe … literally meaning breathe into.

Inspire has the same root as the word spirit which came from the Latin spiritus which means spirit or life. Again, both inspire and spirit come from spirare, meaning breath. The breath of life.

 Literally, inspire means to breathe life into.

To inspire means to awaken creativity, vitality, and animation.  To open the eyes.   Wake up the spirit.  Shed the deadness.  Exhilarate.  Set on fire.  Infuse with life!

When you are inspiring someone, that’s what you’re doing.

When I think of things that we can do for each other, I can’t think of many things that are better.  Don’t you think so too?  Inspiring each other has got to be one of the best.

If our interactions with each other result in each of us coming away inspired, each of us invigorated, more alive, more spirited, filled with more hope, creativity and bold thoughts, well, all I can say is, “Wow!”  Now that was a conversation worth having!

May you have many of these conversations!



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