International Day of Happiness

child laughing

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length is the title of a poem by Robert Frost.  It’s a good point.  Happiness comes in bursts, a sudden flood of impromptu pleasure.

Millions of things can give us happiness.  A surge of creativity, laughter, a friend, a child born, a new flower in the garden, music, family, climbing a mountain, doing something special, doing nothing, a cat, giving, talking, loving, seeing, helping, work we love, finding our true purpose, spirituality, kindness.  I’m hardly scratching the surface.

Today is the official International Day of Happiness designated by the UN in 2013, intended to celebrate the happiness that all humanity is capable of.

Our capacity for happiness is boundless.  May today be a day you swim in happiness.  And may it be just one day of many.



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