Happy Valentine’s Day!


This is one of my favorite holidays because it celebrates love.

I think there’s no form of love I don’t, well, love.  There’s falling in love.  Then there’s the deep love that comes from a good marriage that lasts and lasts.  There’s the special love between parents and children.  And the profound bond between best friends.  There’s even the way my cat looks at me that goes straight to my heart.

Don’t you find the warmth of this human emotion to be magnificently powerful?  A strong dose of love lifts us up and makes our lives sun-filled.  Its absence makes us gloomy and even lonely.

When someone extends their friendship or love, we grow more courageous and optimistic.  When their eyes or tone of voice unmistakably communicate they deeply care for us, we soften considerably, our burdens seem a bit lighter.  When we feel that amazing burst of love ourselves, our whole world lights up brightly.

It’s beautiful and there’s no such thing as “too much” of it.

I’m wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day full of love!  May it light up your world.

And may today be a day of warm affection for the people you work with too.  We’re really never too busy to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of human collaboration.  Let yourself feel the love you have for them.  You’ll light up the world with your special magic for that Valentine moment.



One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Wow this is so beautiful written and touches on so much! I love you sister! Hope you are having a wonderful day and can’t wait to talk with you soon.


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